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Should workers' compensation pay for medical marijuana?

A judge in South Jersey said that workers' compensation should pay for medical marijuana costs earlier this year. The ruling was issued in a case brought by a man who suffered a serious on-the-job injury while working at a lumber company.

The man has been eligible to receive medical marijuana since 2014 due to a job-related hand injury. However, when he purchased 2.25 ounces of state-approved medical marijuana, his employer refused to foot the bill. The cost of the marijuana was approximately $1,000.

Common medical problems suffered by construction workers

The average New Jersey construction site is fraught with potentially fatal dangers. For example, if you're not paying close enough attention, you could fall off a high-story construction project and suffer life-threatening or debilitating injuries. Alternatively, you might make a mistake while using a massive piece of machinery.

New Jersey workers who get hurt on the job are usually protected by the state's workers' compensation system. In other words, regardless whose fault your injury was, you can file a claim to get money to pay for all your medical care associated with your work injury. You can even apply to get money to pay for lost income due to not being able to work while you're healing.

Much-loved New Jersey priest and sister killed in auto collision

When a New Jersey community loses a beloved member, especially one who has touched and improved man lives, it sends shockwaves. When the loss happens unexpectedly as a result of a car accident, the loss is even more difficult to take.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened in a recent fatal car accident that happened in Freehold, New Jersey, last weekend.

Should I use an exercise ball instead of an office chair?

Replacing your boring and normal office chair with a big, round, colorful exercise ball is definitely tempting. Some might even tell you it's more comfortable and better for your health to bounce up and down on an exercise ball. However, what does the scientific evidence say?

Because exercise balls have become popular office alternatives to chairs in the last decade, there has been a good bit of scientific research focused on the idea. The general consensus from experts is to stick to the traditional chair over exercise balls. For example, one study revealed that long periods of sitting on an exercise ball never changed the way a worker sits in terms of healthy posture. Nevertheless, it did appear to increase the worker's discomfort levels.

What do OSHA regulations say about scaffolds?

If you've been working on a scaffold that's in need of repair, your employer could be in violation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety regulations. OSHA has designated specific rules that apply to scaffolds at New Jersey construction sites. Failure to adhere to those rules could result in fines and liability concerns for a construction company.

According to OSHA rules, scaffolds need to adhere to the following standards:

Prevent carpal tunnel syndrom before it's too late

If you're like most office workers, you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk in front of a computer, and you do a lot of typing. Some people are susceptible to getting carpal tunnel syndrome from typing a lot, and some people aren't. In fact, it's difficult to predict who might get this debilitating condition, but if you type a lot, then you're at risk.

Here are few easy steps that everyone can take in order to reduce the chances that they will develop this painful condition:

How common is mesothelioma cancer?

Mesothelioma cancer is not the most common form of cancer. That is, not unless you have been exposed to asbestos at a New Jersey worksite. For New Jersey hardhats who've spent their careers working in asbestos-contaminated work zones, getting sick with mesothelioma is one of the hazards that comes with the job.

Some workers a lot of asbestos exposure never suffer from mesothelioma symptoms. Meanwhile, other workers with a relatively small amount of exposure could contract the disease. Tragically, this form of cancer is extremely difficult to treat and workers who are diagnosed may not survive the condition.

How to strengthen your dog bite lawsuit

New Jersey is a "strict liability" state when it comes to dog bites. In other words, if someone's dog bites you, he or she is financially liable for the injuries that result. It doesn't matter if the dog owner knew or didn't know the animal was likely to bite you.

However, the notion of "strict liability" only applies to dog bites. Let's say you were going for a morning jog in Manalapan and a dog scratches you, jumps or makes you fall and hurt yourself. The notion of strict liability won't apply here because, technically, the dog didn't bite you.

Chris Christie vetoes bill to protect injured prison guards

Last Monday, Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a measure that would have protected the workers' compensation rights of prison guards hurt on the job. The bill would have reversed "fiscal responsibility" measures enacted by Christie during his first term -- measures that stripped many injured public workers of their benefits rights.

The bill would have provided full benefits to prison workers hurt by attacking inmates. This would have ensured that prison guards receive the same level of benefits that New Jersey police officers receive. In striking the measure, Governor Christie stated that he was trying to find a balance between being fiscally responsible and providing benefits to government employees whose jobs involve keeping the public safe.

How do insurance companies try to block injured worker claims?

You might have been involved in an accident on the job, and you might have gotten injured, but that doesn't mean that the workers' compensation insurance company will agree to pay you for your injuries. In fact, the insurance company might try to fight your claim for the compensation you have a legal right to receive.

Here's what insurance companies may try to claim in their attempts to avoid paying you compensation:

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