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Chris Christie vetoes bill to protect injured prison guards

Last Monday, Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a measure that would have protected the workers' compensation rights of prison guards hurt on the job. The bill would have reversed "fiscal responsibility" measures enacted by Christie during his first term -- measures that stripped many injured public workers of their benefits rights.

How do insurance companies try to block injured worker claims?

You might have been involved in an accident on the job, and you might have gotten injured, but that doesn't mean that the workers' compensation insurance company will agree to pay you for your injuries. In fact, the insurance company might try to fight your claim for the compensation you have a legal right to receive.

New Jersey worker lucky to be alive after horrific accident

A New Jersey worker at the Knickerbocker Bed Frame Company is lucky to be alive after his lower torso was crushed by 4,000 pounds of steel. The tragic accident happened in late February in Carlstadt, New Jersey, a little before 9:30 a.m.

What benefits can I receive through workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation isn't going to make your rich, but it can represent a financial lifesaver or a lifeline to individuals who have suffered serious injury in an accident at work or developed a serious work-related illness. For New Jersey residents who successfully navigate their workers' compensation claims, here are the types of benefits they can expect:

4 facts about workers' compensation for restaurant employees

Restaurant staff works hard to make the wages they earn. Injuries are devastating for many restaurant workers. Many of them won't have back up funds available to cover daily expenses while they heal. You must take time to heal before you try to rush back to work. The demanding nature of restaurant work may delay healing. Workers' compensation benefits might help you to make ends meet while you heal.

Stay safe when using a ladder on the job

You know that second-to-the-last step on the top of a stepladder? The one with a safety sticker that says, "This is not a step." Have you ever dared to use it? Have you ever stepped on that last step in order to unscrew a hard-to-reach light bulb or paint the corner of a very high ceiling? If you have, then you may have risked your life unnecessarily.

Have you suffered an injury from workplace violence?

When you think of a workers' compensation claim, you think of injuries like those suffered from falling off scaffolding, repetitive motion stress, carpal tunnel syndrome and various workplace illnesses. However, you might be surprised to know that workplace violence is one of the most common reasons cited for workplace injuries in workers' compensation claims.

On-the-job back pain? Let us do the heavy lifting for you

New Jersey hardhats might have a specialization, and they might be extremely skilled craftsman doing high-level work, but that doesn't mean they don't get down in the trenches to do the heavy lifting with the new guys on the block. The fact is, everybody working at a construction site is lifting heavy objects from time to time, and that can turn into a serious pain in the back, literally.

Construction worker takes fatal fall at New Jersey building site

A 44-year-old man fell off the roof of an apartment building and died on a Wednesday morning late last month. The deceased construction worker was helping to complete an apartment building that was under construction in the Great Falls historic district of Patterson, New Jersey.

Reasons why your workers' compensation claim could be denied

Were you injured on the job? Are you worried that you won't be able to return to work in the near future? If you find yourself in this position, it's time to file a workers' compensation claim. By doing so, you hope that you'll receive benefits until you're healthy enough to return to your job.

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