Can workers’ compensation help me?

| May 17, 2016 | Workers' Compensation

People in New Jersey work all kinds of jobs. Different jobs have different stresses, whether physical, mental or emotional. We all work hard in our jobs. In turn, our jobs can be hard on us. What happens when the job leads to an injury or illness?

Workers have the right to expect a safe environment. When a job gets so unsafe that it leads to an accident or maybe an illness, workers might also have rights to compensation that can financially support them during their healing process. Workers’ comp can replace income while an injured worker cannot work; it can also go toward medical expenses tied to the workplace incident and injury.

It is not always easy to secure workers’ compensation benefits. First off, an employer must have workers’ compensation insurance (something that is required in most states). Secondly, the insurance company must be convinced that a claim is valid and should result in benefits paid. 

A workers’ compensation lawyer is crucial at any point of the claim filing process. Maybe a victim of workplace injury or illness is just now considering filing a claim. Maybe they have already filed a claim and it was denied. An attorney in the field of workers’ injuries knows what the insurance companies need and want to see in order to offer a victim of an unsafe workplace the best chance at receiving the financial support they deserve. 

All kinds of injuries — and some illnesses — can warrant the filing of a workers’ comp claim. A factory worker whose hand gets injured in a machine could file a claim. An employee who injures his back while stocking shelves could seek relief through workers’ comp. Even some sicknesses can result in successful claims, as long as it is evident that the illness is primarily the result of work. Pulmonary complications and even mental health conditions are examples of workplace illnesses that one should discuss with an attorney.

Workers from all walks of life put their hearts, souls, sweat and tears into their jobs. When a job takes too much from someone and leaves them in need of healing and medical relief, workers’ compensation can be a crucial source of support. 

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