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Opioid use declining among workers' compensation recipients

A worker who suffers a serious injury that prevents him or her from being able to perform the duties of his or her job is in a precarious situation. This individual has lost the ability to earn a living. This is where state workers' compensation programs come in to provide the necessary financial support that ensures the worker gets appropriate medical care to heal from the injuries, and ensures the worker has sufficient money to cover living expenses while recovering.

Common reasons workplace accidents happen in New Jersey

It is true that sometimes workplace accidents can happen without prior warning signs and be completely unavoidable. However, it is probably safe to say that a large portion of workplace accidents are preventable. With the right safety training, personal protection gear and equipment or tool maintenance, accidents are largely preventable.

What are some of the injury risks in an office environment?

Many people who work in an office believe they are largely safe from debilitating workplace injuries, but that is not exactly the case. Like other work environments, an office setting can pose risks to the New Jersey workforce. Most workers have heard of carpal tunnel syndromee or repetitive movement traumas; however, these are not the only injuries an office worker could suffer from. This blog post will introduce Jersey residents to some additional workplace injuries that can occur in an office setting.

Third-party claims are sometimes possible for workplace injuries

Employers in New Jersey and elsewhere are generally protected from being sued by an employee because of a workplace injury. The workers' compensation system is in place to protect both an injured worker and an employer. The system provides the injured employee with income during missed work as well as compensation for expenses related to the workplace injury. In theory, there should be no need to file a personal injury lawsuit at all.

Workers' compensation retaliation: What you need to know.

Getting hurt on the job can be more than just physically painful; it can be mentally painful as well. Instead of getting up and going to work to earn your salary, you may need to file for assistance through a workers' compensation claim.

Workers' compensation is a remedy for the entire family

Like other states, New Jersey has its fair share of workplace injuries. While most people leave for work each day expecting to come home changed only by fatigue, accidents can and do happen. Workers' compensation is the government's way to protect and provide for those who have been injured while working. When money is a real concern as it is in these modern times, workers' compensation can make all the difference in making it through the injury as whole as possible.

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