What are some of the injury risks in an office environment?

| Jun 21, 2016 | Workplace Injuries

Many people who work in an office believe they are largely safe from debilitating workplace injuries, but that is not exactly the case. Like other work environments, an office setting can pose risks to the New Jersey workforce. Most workers have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive movement traumas; however, these are not the only injuries an office worker could suffer from. This blog post will introduce Jersey residents to some additional workplace injuries that can occur in an office setting.

A common cause of work-related injuries in an office is damaged or poorly maintained flooring, which could cause a person to trip and fall. The risks include torn carpeting, chipped or broken tiles and loose floorboards. Area rugs that slide, roll or move underneath a person’s feet can also be a danger. You should always report flooring issues so that they can be repaired.

Electrocution is also a potential risk for office workers. If electrical cords are damaged or frayed, a person may suffer a shock. Make it a habit to routinely examine the cords on any office equipment you use to keep the risk of electrocution in check.

Finally, obstructions in your environment can result in falls and other types of injury. Examples include boxes in walkways, cords stretched across hallways or even papers scattered on the floor. Keep your eyes open for obstructions as you move around your work environment and remove any obstacles you do find to keep yourself and your coworkers safe.

Remember, workplace injuries can occur in all types of settings. Stay alert, report safety risks and do your part to keep your space hazard-free. If you do become injured, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help make sure you receive the full amount of benefits you are due.

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