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Are you suffering from carpal tunnel syndromee?

Carpal tunnel syndromee is a condition that office workers who sit for longer periods of time at a computer may contract. The primary symptoms include tingling, weakness, numbness and other issues in the hand. The symptoms are the result of pressure and stress being put on the median nerve in the wrist.

New Jersey Transit bus driver killed in tragic bus collision

A New Jersey Transit bus driver died in a recent bus collision resulted in 18 injuries. According to officials, two buses collided in Newark last Friday morning. The mayor of Newark told news networks that they are praying for all of the victims who were sent to the hospital by the collision.

2 recent accidents in Carlstadt involved commercial drivers

Carlstadt, New Jersey, saw two separate car accidents last week. Both events involved drivers of commercial vehicles. The drivers, who may have suffered serious injuries, may be able to seek financial assistance to pay for their medical care through the pursuit of workers' compensation claims.

Notify the state when employers do not have workers compensation

In the state of New Jersey, a legal requirement exists to protect workers in the event of an on-the-job injury. That legal requirement makes certain that employers -- barring specific exemptions -- purchase workers' compensation insurance or qualify for self insurance, to ensure that injured workers can pay for medical care and time spent out of work in the event of a job-related accident. These workers' compensation laws apply to every employer in New Jersey that does not receive protection from Federal programs.

The evolution of distracted driving: 3 tips for accident victims

Distracted driving is not a novel concept. People have been driving distracted since automobiles were invented. Back in the day, distracted driving consisted of kids fighting in the car or getting too involved in a conversation with passengers.

Fighting for a young man's right to medical benefits

In 2006, a New Jersey man suffered a serious on-the-job accident. He was 24 years of age at the time and working as an electrician. Even though he was strong and healthy, he almost lost his life after getting hit by a high-voltage shock while completing his job duties at a construction site in West Windsor. Following the accident, he spent 29 days unconscious.

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