New Jersey Transit bus driver killed in tragic bus collision

| Aug 24, 2016 | Workplace Accident

A New Jersey Transit bus driver died in a recent bus collision resulted in 18 injuries. According to officials, two buses collided in Newark last Friday morning. The mayor of Newark told news networks that they are praying for all of the victims who were sent to the hospital by the collision.

The accident happened a little after 6:05 a.m. One bus t-boned the other bus at the corner of Broad Street and Raymond Boulevard. Bus 59 was driving westbound along Raymond Boulevard when it collided with Bus 13, which was driving northbound on Broad Street. Bus 59 did not have any passengers on board. Bus 13 contained 17 passengers.

According to the chief of the New Jersey Transit Police, they believe that all of the passengers will survive. Unfortunately, one of the bus drivers did not survive the incident. According to the police chief, the driver had been a longtime employee of New Jersey Transit.

At this time, it is suspected that one of the bus drivers may have driving through a red light; however, the investigation is ongoing and no conclusive information has been released about the exact cause of the collision.

The bus driver who died in this crash was performing his job duties at the time of the incident. Bus drivers and other New Jersey employees who die on the job as a result of a job-related accident will generally be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. As such, their immediate family members left behind can usually apply to receive death benefits. Workers’ compensation death benefits may include money to pay for end of life expenses and wage replacement to help family members cope with living expenses after losing a primary contributor to family income.

Source:, “Driver killed, 18 injured after 2 NJ Transit buses crash in Newark,” Robert Sciarrino, Aug. 19, 2016

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