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Union Beach worker hurt in explosion

New Jersey workplaces where chemicals and other dangerous materials are used can easily result in injuries to the employees who work there. For this reason, it is vital that safety precautions are made and workers are trained in proper safety techniques. That said, not all accidents and not all injuries can be prevented.

Can I recover third party money while collecting workers' comp?

In most cases, an injured worker will only have one avenue to seek financial assistance to pay for his or her work-related injuries. However, there may be instances in which a worker can pursue claims for personal injury damages against a third-party, who may also be responsible for his or her injuries.

Undocumented immigrants and workers' compensation

New Jersey and other parts of the United States have a significant portion of their workforce made up of foreigners -- many of whom are not living in the country with a valid work visa. While a lot of undocumented foreign workers are able to navigate life in the United States, earn a living and care for their families, these individuals often get the short end of the stick when it comes to health care, wages and fair treatment by their employers. However, this doesn't mean they're unprotected by the law.

Inspection blitz aims to reduce trucking accidents

This week marks the start of the annual Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) Brake Safety Week. During this time, enforcement agencies throughout the country will conduct inspections focusing on brake systems of commercial trucks in an effort to reduce the risk of trucking accidents on the nation's roadways.

Construction worker injured by burns

It was 9:25 a.m. on a recent Wednesday when the accident happened. A construction worker was helping move some fuel out of underground tanks and into above-ground tanks close to a school. That's when the worker was burned in the midst of an explosion that rocked the very foundations of the school.

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