Construction workers and unsafe work environments in New Jersey

| Jan 12, 2017 | Workplace Accident

No construction site is without dangers that workers encounter while performing their job duties, but sometimes a workplace will be much more dangerous than it has to be. When a construction worker is forced to complete his or her job under these kinds of conditions, there are a few things that the worker should know in order to stay safe and/or take action in the event of an injury.

First, construction workers should do everything they can to prevent an injury from happening — and this may involve taking specific steps when a real and present danger is revealed. Workers should always bring dangers to the attention of their supervisors. Then, they should follow up any verbal notifications with a notification in writing. Finally, if nothing gets done after these two steps, a complaint can be filed with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

If a worker suffers an injury on the job, the worker will probably be able to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, simply because the injury happened while the worker was performing his or her job responsibilities. However, if a party other than the employer — like a third-party contractor, machine manufacturer or property owner — was clearly negligent with regard to the safety of the work environment, and a worker suffers injury as a result, then those third parties might be liable for additional damages in a personal injury claim.

New Jersey workers who are hurt on the job because of unsafe job site conditions may want to talk to a lawyer who works with both workers’ compensation claim filings and civil court personal injury lawsuits. Such an attorney can evaluate the workers’ injuries, and the circumstances under which they occurred, to determine the most appropriate legal action to take in the case.

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