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Solvent-based product safety

New Jersey painters often work with a variety of solvents while they're performing their job duties. If you've been involved in this kind of work for several years, then you probably know the basics of staying safe while using solvents, and you may have learned some of those basics the hard way.

Common workers' compensation claim scenarios

At the Law Office of Jack L. Stillman, P.A., we help New Jersey workers get the financial benefits they need to recover from injuries. We also help them seek benefits to pay for their living expenses while they're recovering from their injuries and unable to work. During our experience representing New Jersey employees, we regularly handle the following issues:

What benefits can I receive through workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation isn't going to make your rich, but it can represent a financial lifesaver or a lifeline to individuals who have suffered serious injury in an accident at work or developed a serious work-related illness. For New Jersey residents who successfully navigate their workers' compensation claims, here are the types of benefits they can expect:

4 facts about workers' compensation for restaurant employees

Restaurant staff works hard to make the wages they earn. Injuries are devastating for many restaurant workers. Many of them won't have back up funds available to cover daily expenses while they heal. You must take time to heal before you try to rush back to work. The demanding nature of restaurant work may delay healing. Workers' compensation benefits might help you to make ends meet while you heal.

Example of a third party workers' compensation claim

In the vast majority of workplace injury lawsuits, workers will have the ability to file a workers' compensation claim. However, they might not be able to file an actual personal injury lawsuit relating to their injuries. This is because state workers' compensation laws generally protect employers from work injury-related lawsuits. Nevertheless, in some situations, employees might be able to file what is called a third party lawsuit if another party is also deemed liable for their work-related injuries.

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