4 facts about workers’ compensation for restaurant employees

| Feb 9, 2017 | Workers' Compensation

Restaurant staff works hard to make the wages they earn. Injuries are devastating for many restaurant workers. Many of them won’t have back up funds available to cover daily expenses while they heal. You must take time to heal before you try to rush back to work. The demanding nature of restaurant work may delay healing. Workers’ compensation benefits might help you to make ends meet while you heal.

Fault doesn’t matter

It should be obvious that all restaurant workers should be careful and follow safety protocol when they work. This might not always occur. When it comes to workers’ compensation claims in New Jersey, who was at fault for the accident doesn’t matter. Instead, the workers’ compensation system provides benefits for injured workers in exchange for the injured worker not filing a civil lawsuit against the employer regarding the accident. The exception to this exchange occurs when the action leading to the injury was intentional.

Not all injuries are from accidents

Some injuries occur over time. Repetitive injuries, including wrist injuries from carrying trays, may qualify for workers’ compensation if they require medical care and prevent you from working. Have any work-related injuries or illnesses evaluated to determine if they qualify for workers’ compensation coverage.

You have specific duties

If you are injured at the restaurant, you have specific duties. You must tell your supervisor about the accident and injury. You must complete an accident report. Let your employer know if you need medical care. At first, you must see an approved doctor or medical facility so ensure you know your options and choose from those. If you don’t go to an approved medical provider, you will likely be liable for the claim.

After your employer submits the information about your injury to the workers’ compensation coverage provider, the provider decides about the claim. You have the right to appeal the decision if you don’t agree with it. Learn about how to do this if you need, and make sure you follow all deadlines set for it.

Wage replacement is possible

If you aren’t able to work for seven days or more, you might be able to get wage replacement. The amount you receive varies based on your earnings prior to the accident, the injury you suffered and the percentage of disability assigned to your case. New Jersey maintains a chart that outlines benefit information for various injuries.

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