Much-loved New Jersey priest and sister killed in auto collision

| Jun 7, 2017 | Blog

When a New Jersey community loses a beloved member, especially one who has touched and improved man lives, it sends shockwaves. When the loss happens unexpectedly as a result of a car accident, the loss is even more difficult to take.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened in a recent fatal car accident that happened in Freehold, New Jersey, last weekend.

Priest and sister dead following rear-end collision

A much-loved Priest from Hoboken was riding with his sister in a minivan last Sunday at approximately 7 p.m. They had stopped at a red light when a pickup truck driver rear-ended them. The 81-year-old holy man was driving his vehicle, with his 87-year-old sister sitting next to him.

A teenager was driving the pickup truck that hit them. Police do not suspect that the teen was engaged in any kind of criminal activity leading up to the crash. In other words, they do not suspect that the teen was drunk or high. Police, however, did not indicate whether the teen may have been distracted by a cellphone or failing to pay attention at the time of the crash.

A community in mourning without their favorite priest to guide them

Local parishioners, who knew the priest from the congregation he formerly led, poured into the little chapel to show their respect. They said he had a giant sense of humor, and they must now grieve in his absence, without his usual and beloved assistance in guiding through this difficult process.

Close family members of accident victims and wrongful death claims

Whenever someone dies in an auto collision due to no fault of his or her own, questions will come up as to fault and liability. If a fatal car accident happens, for example, due to a driver being distracted by a cell phone, being intoxicated or simply being negligent or careless, the accident could give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit brought by close family members of the deceased.

If successfully navigated, a wrongful death lawsuit could bring family members financial compensation to pay for end of life expenses. It could also bring additional compensation to pay for other damages like loss of companionship, loss of family income and more.

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