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Older New Jersey workers have a higher risk of fatal accidents

The longer we do our jobs, the older we get. For older New Jersey workers, there is a higher risk of death. According to a new study that looked at workplace death statistics throughout the nation, older workers have a higher chance of dying on the job.

What are the major causes of crane accidents?

When you look at a crane being used at any New Jersey construction site, it's immediately clear how dangerous these giant pieces of machinery are. One false move, and a crane could fall off balance and come crashing down. Alternatively, a crane might drop a piece of debris to the ground or strike someone with its boom.

This miraculous table saw technology will save your fingers

No matter how safe and attentive you try to be, a serious table saw accident could happen to you at any time if you regularly use a saw on the job. However, a miraculous new saw technology could save you from losing fingers in the event of a slip-up. "SawStop" is a special technology that will instantly stop the blade of a saw as soon as the device forms an electrical contact with your finger.

How can I stay safe while using a table saw?

Table saws are dangerous and they account for numerous worker injuries in New Jersey. One false move and you can lose a finger, a hand or even an arm while using a table saw to cut items for your job. However, if you follow the safety tips in this article, there's a good chance that you can stay safe and avoid many types of serious table saw injuries.

Prevent electrocution risks on the job

If you work with electricity, you're bound to get shocked sooner or later. It's just the nature of the business. Maybe you are connecting two wires and you forgot to switch off the breaker, and you soon find out the error of your ways.

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