Injured employee wins $1.5 million verdict

| Sep 14, 2017 | Workplace Accident

A New Jersey worker was injured in a 2012 accident that involved falling off a ladder. The worker, now 38 years old, was at a Piscataway construction site when he fell from the ladder onto a concrete floor.

The 10-foot fall left him with long-term injuries. The man’s ruptured Achilles tendon and a fractured elbow had substantial impacts on his life.

According to the worker’s attorney, the employer is liable for the accident due to its failure to maintain a safe workplace. The worksite where the ladder was had been exposed to outdoor elements, and ice had formed on the floor. The man’s attorneys argued that the employer was negligent in failing to clear the ice, which led to the worker’s exposure to unnecessary dangers.

The construction company attempted to defend itself against the allegations, but failed. After taking the matter to trial, a jury in Essex County awarded the injured worker $1.5 million in compensation, plus another $180,000 representing lost wages and other costs.

Although the defense in the case plans to appeal the decision, the man’s attorney hopes that his client will be able to keep the money, which he says will help the injured worker a great deal. Although the construction worker has found a new job, he continues to suffer from limitations and disabilities related to lasting injuries.

Employees who get hurt on the job can often pursue workers’ compensation to pay for their medical care. In addition, if an employer’s negligence contributed to workers’ injuries, the injured employee may also be able to pursue additional personal injury claims.

Source:, “Ironworker awarded $1.5M for injuries in 10-foot fall off ladder,” Jessica Mazzola, Sep. 09, 2017

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