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The 2 kinds of lost wages benefits

Most New Jersey workers -- especially New Jersey hardhats -- know that they can apply for lost wages benefits in the event that they suffer an employment-related injury that renders them unable to work or hold down a job. Beyond this information, however, workers are generally clueless about how much money they can receive, how long they can receive it and what kind of wage replacement options exist for different circumstances.

Can passengers drink alcohol in a car in New Jersey?

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is illegal, but what if you're not the one driving? In most states, including New Jersey, open container laws extend to passengers in most types of vehicles. That means that even if you're just a passenger, you still can't drink alcohol or have an open container in the passenger area. If caught, you could face fines of $200 or 10 days of community service. 

Statistics you should know about slip-and-fall deaths at work

You might think it'll never happen to you. You might think you're healthy enough to prevent an injury if you slip and fall. However, numerous workers and property visitors -- whether they're young, old, healthy or out of shape -- die in slip-and-fall accidents every year.

2 dead and 2 seriously injured after tragic rollover crash

Four New Jersey residents were involved in a serious rollover crash in Warwick, New York, last Saturday. The incident happened not long before 7:28 p.m., when police received news of the crash on Nov. 4. Tragically, two passengers died in the crash. The driver and another passenger suffered catastrophic injuries that required hospital care.

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