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Could truck drivers lose their jobs to 'robo-trucks?'

Nobody ever said that being a long-haul truck driver was easy, but is the job too difficult for an artificially intelligent, self-driving "robo-truck" to perform? Automotive engineers and computer scientists say no. In fact, self-driven trucks are transporting product around the country right now.

How can I avoid an accident on snowy roads?

The winter season is officially upon us and this means -- much to the delight of many children -- that our neighborhoods will be filled with snow. However, even though we all love to see our neighborhoods transformed into a winter wonderland, when it comes to driving in snow, it can be very dangerous.

Tricks to prevent injuries caused by slippery ice

The wind is blowing, it's cold and it's snowing. This means that ice dangers will be present in New Jersey parking lots and sidewalks. Ice causes numerous injuries every year when New Jersey residents fall on slippery patches found throughout the state. As such, you and your family need to be careful in order to prevent a slip-and-fall injury. Here are a few tips for preventing the catastrophic injuries that can result from such accidents:

Can I go to jail for reckless or careless driving in New Jersey?

The state of New Jersey takes all traffic violations very seriously. As such, it is certainly possible for those convicted of reckless or careless driving to receive a jail sentence. If you are facing charges of careless or reckless driving, it is important to know the difference between the two so that you are prepared to build your defense.

Officials open Bayonne Bridge after worker suffers injury

A construction worker was injured on the Bayonne Bridge prompting the swift closure of the bridge operations while investigators tried to determine what happened. The incident happened on a recent Tuesday afternoon, and although the bridge closure backed up traffic in both directions for some time, it was soon re-opened.

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