Knee injuries at work can be debilitating

| Feb 20, 2018 | Workplace Injuries

People who do physical jobs can suffer from a host of injuries. One of the areas of the body that is likely to suffer from an injury is the knee. Knee injuries can be caused by an accident, such as a fall, or by the constant stress on the joint during the course of a normal work day.

Knee problems are often debilitating and can make it difficult to function. In many cases, they require surgery, rehabilitation or both to heal. This can impact all aspects of your life.

Types of knee injuries

There are many common types of knee troubles. Fractures, dislocations and ligament damage are some of the more common ones. Muscle trouble can also result. You may suffer other injuries to your knee, but typically the results are the same: pain and mobility issues.

You may feel a grinding in the joint if the bone is rubbing against another bone. The joint could pop or feel stiff. These signs might be irksome at first, but, as time goes on, they can worsen to the point that you become incapacitated.

When you have knee problems, a priority is to determine what, precisely, is wrong. This usually starts by discussing what you were doing when the injury occurred. If it was due to an accident, additional steps will be taken to further identify the extent of the injury. Imaging tests and exams could also be necessary. Once the type of problem is determined, a treatment plan can be created.

Impacts that could occur

All of these injuries can lead to considerable pain. Sometimes, you will be unable to move the knee or put any weight on it. This can make it impossible to walk without assistance. In some cases, even sitting is a challenge since you have to bend the knee. You will likely find that a bum knee makes it hard to do just about anything, including caring for yourself.

You might be unable to work after the knee injury. This can mean that you can lose your income. If the accident happened at work, you could decide to file for workers’ compensation coverage. This could help to get your medical care covered. It may also provide partial wage replacement while you are unable to work.

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