Tips for preventing a car accident

| Feb 7, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Until human drivers are replaced by safe and secure driverless automobiles, we will face numerous completely avoidable dangers every time we get on the road. These avoidable dangers relate to the accident risks caused by inattentive drivers distracted by the cellphones, drunk drivers, speeding drivers, reckless drivers and drivers who are not following the rules of the road.

Considering how many unlawful and negligent drivers we’re sharing the road with, what can the average New Jersey motorist do to stay safe? Here are a few tips that everyone can do to drastically reduce the chances they’ll get into a crash:

  • Always move slowly when you pull into traffic: You’re going into a danger zone every time you pull into traffic. As such, you should stop, look and listen. Use your side-view and rearview mirrors, look behind you and look up and down the road before you enter it.
  • Watch out at red lights: Intersections are the most dangerous areas for drivers. As such, New Jersey motorists need to be careful at red lights and keep an eye out for people who aren’t stopping. Be especially careful to ensure that all motorists are slowing down and no one is trying to speed through a yellow light when you enter an intersection.
  • Keep your hands on the wheel: Don’t be one of the many motorists who cause accidents because they were driving with their knees while eating a sandwich, diddling with the radio or using the cellphone. You need at least one hand — preferably both — on the wheel so you can quickly react to accident situations.

There are many more safe driving techniques you may want to investigate — and they can help you avoid a crash. If you still get injured in a crash due to no fault of your own, however, the law might be on your side. As such, following any kind of injurious motor vehicle accident, be sure to investigate whether you can pursue financial compensation.

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