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April 2018 Archives

Construction work can be dangerous

Some New Jersey construction workers may be concerned about the threat posed by workplace accidents and injuries. Because construction projects often deal with partially completed structures, deep trenches and heavy equipment, on-the-job injuries can be severe and life-threatening. They can lead to lifelong disabilities or hinder a worker's ability to do their job in the future.

David Copperfield slip and fall trial begins

Over the years, many New Jersey readers may have wondered how magician David Copperfield performs his tricks. On April 13, some of those secrets were revealed during a civil trial stemming from a British man's claim that he was seriously injured when he was chosen to participate in Copperfield's Las Vegas show.

Why distracted driving is on the rise

Distracted driving is an epidemic in New Jersey, as elsewhere in the U.S., and it may be more dangerous now than drunk driving. DUI deaths have been reduced by a third over the past 30 years thanks to the efforts of law enforcement and activist groups, but more and more people are being distracted by smartphones, in-car navigation systems, and other technologies. A survey showed that 63 percent of motorists are more afraid of distracted drivers than of intoxicated ones.

DWI charges in New Jersey carry serious criminal penalties

Most people know that getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or consuming drugs can lead to increased risk of a crash and that states have criminalized having too much alcohol in your body while driving. That includes New Jersey, where driving with a blood alcohol content at or above 0.08 percent constitutes a DWI offense.

Pinch point injuries in the workplace

Employers in New Jersey should know that some safety agencies are warning against pinch points in the workplace. These refer to any area where workers or their body parts are liable to become stuck. It can be between two moving parts of machinery, between one moving part and one stationary part, or between material and some part of the machine. Employers will want to know, then, how to prevent these injuries.

Hospital workers often find themselves in need of medical care

People rely on the care and hard work of nurses, aides and other hospital workers when they are at their weakest and most vulnerable. Those who work in these stressful settings often sacrifice their own well-being for the care and comfort of their patients.

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