David Copperfield slip and fall trial begins

| Apr 24, 2018 | Premises Liability

Over the years, many New Jersey readers may have wondered how magician David Copperfield performs his tricks. On April 13, some of those secrets were revealed during a civil trial stemming from a British man’s claim that he was seriously injured when he was chosen to participate in Copperfield’s Las Vegas show.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff attended one of Copperfield’s shows at the MGM Grand in November 2013. During the show, he was randomly selected to help perform a trick in which the famed magician makes a person disappear from the main stage and reappear at the back of the theater. During opening statements for the trial, the plaintiff’s attorney explained that his client was made to hurry through hallways and a darkened outdoor area that led to the back of the theater. Just short of the theater door, he slipped and fell, suffering serious injuries.

The attorney claimed that the plaintiff was never warned about the dangers of participating in the trick. He also said his client trusted that Copperfield would keep him safe. However, once backstage, the plaintiff was rushed through unfamiliar corridors and areas with poor lighting. The situation was made more dangerous due to construction dust in the area. Meanwhile, MGM’s attorney claimed that the plaintiff did not slip and simply missed a step. He also claimed that Copperfield had passed through the same route 10 minutes prior to the accident and did not report any problems. When people are injured on a company’s property, they have the right to pursue a premises liability claim seeking compensation for damages. These damages may include medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and other related losses. A premises liability attorney could assess a victim’s case and explain all legal options available.

Source: Claims Journal, “Trial Begins in Slip and Fall Case Focused on David Copperfield Show“, Regina Cano, April 15, 2018

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