Pinch point injuries in the workplace

| Apr 4, 2018 | Workers Compensation

Employers in New Jersey should know that some safety agencies are warning against pinch points in the workplace. These refer to any area where workers or their body parts are liable to become stuck. It can be between two moving parts of machinery, between one moving part and one stationary part, or between material and some part of the machine. Employers will want to know, then, how to prevent these injuries.

Pinch points are found in machinery like metal forming machines, robotic machines, and plastic molding machines. Power presses and power transmission equipment also contain pinch points. Those who work around printing presses can be in danger, too. Pinch points can endanger workers across a variety of industries because they’re found in common machinery like conveyors and powered doors, hatches, and covers.

It is recommended that employers go through their workplace and note every pinch point. If the hazard cannot be removed, the employer should put up guardrails around them and train employees on the purpose of these features. The employer could also specially train certain employees to remove the guardrails whenever repairs are necessary. Employees should be instructed to report any previously undetected pinch points.

When a workplace injury arises from a pinch point, victims might be required to undergo lengthy periods of expensive medical care and treatment, and in many cases they can be unable to return to work. Employees who find themselves in this type of a situation might want to have legal assistance when filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits under their employer’s insurance coverage.

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