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May 2018 Archives

Wearable tech can identify hazards, prevent worker injuries

Workers in New Jersey, especially those in the construction and manufacturing industries, are at a high risk for sustaining on-the-job injuries. Every industry has its hazards, both foreseeable and unforeseeable, so it's important for employers and workplace safety managers to do all they can to prevent accidents. Worldwide, such accidents lead to over 1,000 deaths every day and 500 injuries every minute.

Driving while drowsy can lead to accidents

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is providing information on the risk of fatigue and sleeplessness in the ride-sharing industry. Individuals in New Jersey who work in the ride-sharing industry may find themselves working during the night or working after they've already worked a full shift at another job. This, coupled with the driver's circadian rhythm being thrown off, may put them at greater risk for exhaustion and fatigue.

Study casts doubt on hands-free safety benefits

Drivers in New Jersey and around the country are routinely warned about the dangers of using their cellphones while behind the wheel, and hands-free or wearable devices are often suggested as a safer alternative for motorists who absolutely must stay in touch while on the move. However, a study from a research team at The University of Texas suggests that even hands-free devices that are operated by voice commands may be just as distracting to drivers as normal cellphones.

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