Key tips for staying safe at work

| Feb 11, 2019 | Workers Compensation

Ideally, both workers and managers in New Jersey and throughout the country will take responsibility for workplace safety. Workers are encouraged to report any unsafe conditions to their immediate supervisors or anyone else who can remedy the problem in a timely manner. Another safety strategy is to make sure that emergency exits are easy to access at all times. Emergency shutoffs should also be easy to access and make use of in times of peril.

Workers should be allowed to take regular breaks to avoid burnout or extreme fatigue. Those who are tired or burned out may have a harder time doing their jobs properly, and they are more likely to make mistakes that could lead to injuries or illnesses. Breaks may also be a good way to reduce worker stress, which can play a role in a person burning out. Stress can be caused by long hours or being assigned too many tasks in a given workday.

Workers should not do their jobs while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This can increase their risk of causing an accident that could result in injury or death. Drugs or alcohol can degrade a worker’s motor skills or ability to process information needed to do a job in a safe and timely manner.

Individuals who are hurt or get sick on the job may be entitled to financial compensation. Those who receive workers’ compensation benefits might receive payment for medical bills incurred as well as lost wages related to their injuries. Employers are generally responsible for ensuring that claims are processed in a timely manner. If an employer does not do so, an injured worker may wish to hire an attorney. Legal counsel might be able to take steps to help with a workers’ compensation claim.

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