The challenge of maintaining safety for temp workers

| Feb 27, 2019 | Workers Compensation

It’s an ongoing challenge to ensure that temporary contracted workers receive appropriate protection from workplace accidents, according to OSHA and many safety advocates. Too often, New Jersey companies view temps as somehow separate from the rest of the workforce. Employers that view contract workers in this light may not treat all workers with adequate respect. For example, companies may ask temp workers to engage in unsafe activities deemed beneath full-time employees. In 2016 alone, the U.S. witnessed over 850 workplace fatalities that involved contracted employees. Experts estimate that contract worker deaths account for more than 15 percent of American workplace fatalities.

Because temp workers are newer to their jobs, they generally have less familiarity with work equipment and potential safety hazards. For a number of reasons, temp workers may not feel empowered to speak out when faced with unsafe situations.

According to experts, employers should give temp workers the same safety considerations afforded to other workers. Company safety committees should include temp workers if possible. If there are any pre-shift meetings dealing with safety or proper equipment usage, temporary workers deserve inclusion here as well.

Whether an accident victim is a temporary worker or not, a workplace injury can create great personal anguish as well as loss of income. In many cases, employers are unwilling to fully compensate their workers after a debilitating accident. This could cause great uncertainty and fear for the victim and their family. By hiring an experienced attorney, the victim could immediately start down a path leading to less fear and greater peace of mind. Workers’ compensation benefits could properly cover the medical bills and missed wages.

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