Automation technology in cars could be too advanced for some

| May 21, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

As many New Jersey car enthusiasts know, the auto industry has been working feverishly to introduce new safety technology and crash avoidance systems to make cars safer for drivers. In fact, most new vehicles making their way out on to the roadways already have automated assistance technology that can keep vehicles in lanes and brake in an emergency.

While these automated systems can make cars safer, it can be very difficult for drivers to keep up with the ever-changing safety technology. As these systems become more and more advanced, it can take some effort to use them appropriately. On top of that, automakers are all coming out with their own systems of varying levels of autonomy, potentially making it difficult to switch between vehicles. This could put drivers at risk for causing severe crashes simply because they do not know how to use the car.

Furthermore, there are many drivers who do not fully understand what the systems are capable and not capable of doing. For example, a study found that 11% of drivers assumed that they could text or read on their phones while their car’s computer did all the work. Many do not understand that the driver must be alert to take over for the car if the automated system cannot make a decision fast enough.

Someone who has been hurt in a car accident should know that there are special limitations that could limit one’s right to file a lawsuit. A personal injury attorney may assist with determining if the injured person meets the verbal threshold limitation requirements, which may depend on the type of insurance that was chosen, and assist with seeking compensation for any damages, such as lost income and the cost of medical care.

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