Follow these tips to prevent a ladder accident at work

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A ladder is one of many tools you can use at work to improve efficiency and enhance safety. However, the use of a ladder can also result in a serious accident, often by making the smallest of mistakes.

Here are five simple tips you can follow to help prevent a ladder accident at work in Manalapan:

  • Don’t set the ladder in a high traffic area: For example, setting a ladder in close proximity to an entry door or vehicular traffic increases the likelihood of someone or something knocking it down.
  • Inspect the ladder before use: If you find any defects or damage, such as cracks or rust, set the ladder aside and use another one for the meantime. If the ladder can’t be repaired, dispose of it safely.
  • Maintain three points of contact: This helps you keep your balance, as you’ll always have one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot on the ladder. If you only have two points of contact, there’s a greater chance of losing your balance and falling to the ground.
  • Don’t carry a heavy load up or down the ladder: It’s tempting to do this, especially if you’re in a hurry, but the heavier the load, the greater chance it’ll pull you away from the ladder.
  • Watch for the final step: Many ladder accidents occur near the ground, such as if you think you’re on the last step but you’re actually a rung or two above it. Knowing where you’re at on the ladder at all times will help keep you safe.

While these basic tips can help prevent a ladder accident at work, there are often circumstances out of your control that can result in trouble.

If you’re injured in a ladder accident, report the incident to your employer as soon as possible. Also, don’t wait to receive medical treatment, even if you think you can heal on your own at home.

If your doctor suggests time away from work, file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. This compensation will give you financial peace of mind as you make your way down the path to a full recovery.

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