Green construction poses safety hazards for workers

| Jun 18, 2019 | Workers Compensation

In New Jersey and across the U.S., more people in the construction industry are looking to green technologies to cut costs and protect people’s health and the environment. While green construction can positively impact the health of future building occupants, it can have a negative impact on the ones building. This will necessitate new safety measures.

The area that requires a special focus is lone worker safety. Recently, there has been an increase in accidents among those working with recyclable materials. Green building may also have workers performing unfamiliar tasks, which will lead to harm if they are not properly trained. Some green building techniques that come with a high risk for injury include the installation of photovoltaic panels and vegetative roofs.

There is always the risk for falls and strain. Reflective roofing materials pose the added danger of eye strain. In addition, the incorporation of green technology for wastewater treatment exposes workers to hazardous materials.

In many ways, however, green construction keeps workers safe. By using materials low in volatile organic compounds, they will be protected from various pollutants. Because the building materials and methods will be unfamiliar, it is more likely that employers will provide thorough training and make frequent safety reviews.

Still, the chances of a workplace accident remain. Those who are injured may be able to receive compensation for their medical expenses and for part of the wages they lose as they recover. This is part of workers’ compensation law. To understand it better, victims may want to consult with a lawyer for assistance. Filing does not guarantee that one will receive benefits because employers can deny payment if they can show that the worker is to blame for their accident.

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