Massage therapists can suffer career-ending injuries at work

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Massage therapists often go into their line of work because they want to help other people live their best lives. A properly administered massage can reduce someone’s pain and improve their range of motion. Massage offers both relaxation and potential strengthening for the recipient, depending on how the professional masseuse administers the manual treatments.

Sadly, quite a few people who pursue massage as a career find themselves struggling with injuries as a result of their desire to help others. They may find themselves dependent on massage, physical therapy or even pain medication to continue working. Massage requires a lot of work from the arms, hands and shoulders, which can be both physically tiring and a potential source of injury.

If a massage therapist doesn’t get the rest and treatment they need after a work-related injury, they may find themselves unable to continue in their chosen career. In that situation, claiming workers’ compensation benefits may become necessary.

How working as a massage therapist can leave you hurt

Massage is a career path that is both physically and mentally draining. Massage therapists have to manually touch, rub and stretch another person for an hour or longer. Many book several appointments each day. All of that physical work can take a toll on their back, hands and arms, as well as their shoulders.

Professional masseuses and massage therapists often invest months of their time and thousands of dollars into an education that allows them to serve the public in such a personal and physical manner. All of that investment may wind up useless if a massage therapist suffers a serious injury. Rotator cuff injuries are a common injury among massage therapists, as is carpal tunnel.

Both the need for constant motion and the strain of applying pressure to another person’s body can negatively impact your muscles and connective tissue. If the injury worsens over time, you may have no choice except to change career paths. That could mean substantially reducing your earning potential in the future despite your investment in your education and professional growth.

Employed massage therapists may qualify for workers’ compensation

Job-related injuries are a serious concern for professionals in any field. Massage therapists who work as an employee for a larger company will likely have the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits for an injury that results from their profession.

Workers’ compensation can cover the costs of the medical care you need, whether it is surgery on your rotator cuff or ongoing physical therapy. Other benefits may include temporary disability during your convalescence that covers a portion of your wages or even permanent partial disability. Permanent partial disability benefits can help close the gap between what you made as a massage therapist and what you can make after an injury keeps you from continuing to perform massage professionally.

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