What to know about double hearing protection

| Dec 3, 2019 | Workers Compensation

Workers in New Jersey who are exposed to loud noise may need to be given two forms of hearing protection at the same time. This is known as double hearing protection, and it typically means that an employee will wear an earplug and an earmuff simultaneously. It is important that employers offer protection that is tailored to the type of work employees perform and the environment in which those employees work.

Otherwise, it may be difficult or impossible for a worker to hear a warning siren or other indication that he or she may be in danger. It is also important that an earplug fits properly and is worn properly. Failure to use an earplug as designed could result in hearing loss or other health issues even if double hearing protection is offered. In addition to double hearing protection protocols, companies are encouraged to have other controls in place to minimize employee hearing loss.

It is important to note that employers will typically be in compliance with OSHA rules by offering either earplugs or earmuffs for their workers. Those who work in mines may be required to wear double protection per Mine Safety and Health Administration rules. This is true if they are exposed to noises that average more than 105 decibels over a time-weighted period of eight hours.

Those who experience hearing loss or other injuries on the job may receive workers’ compensation benefits. This may allow them to receive payment for treatment received in an effort to improve or manage their condition. An injured worker may be able to learn more about the process of filing for benefits by speaking with an attorney. Hiring an attorney might also make it easier to appeal a denied claim or take steps to have a case resolved in a timely manner.

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