Man arrested for DUI and breath test refusal in New Jersey

| Aug 21, 2020 | DUI/DWI And Traffic Violations

New Jersey drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence can face a variety of harsh penalties if they are convicted. Not only can they lose their driver’s license, but they can be incarcerated and fined. These charges can be made worse if the driver commits other violations like refusing a breath test. Drivers who are confronted with these and other issues related to DUI should remember the importance of a legal defense.

Accident leads to DUI arrest

A man was arrested for DUI after a crash. The 39-year-old resident of Pennsylvania had the collision at around 2 a.m. When law enforcement arrived to investigate, they asked the man to take a breath test to determine his blood alcohol concentration. He refused. He was subsequently arrested and charged with several violations including DUI, breath test refusal, driving recklessly and not having proper credentials.

Understanding other charges that may stem from a DUI investigation

DUI charges are often accompanied by other traffic violations that can severely impact a person’s life if they are convicted. Jail, fines and driver’s license problems are fundamental, but there are various challenges that may arise such as raised insurance rates and the negative impact of a DUI conviction on the person’s record. The former will cost them more money than they might otherwise pay for insurance. The latter can hinder them as they seek certain jobs and try to move forward in other endeavors. This can be compounded by a refusal to take a breath test. Many drivers are unaware that they must submit to a test when asked to do so by a law enforcement officer. Failure to do so inevitably results in more charges.

Legal advice may be key after DUI charges

Since this driver is from Pennsylvania, it is important for him to have legal advice from an experienced and attentive New Jersey-based professional. Perhaps there are options to reduce the charges. It may be that the entire genesis of the case is faulty, the officer did not adhere to proper protocol or there were other reasons to get an acquittal. Before doing or saying anything that can make the situation worse, it is imperative for drivers charged with DUI, reckless driving, breath test refusal and other traffic violations to formulate a strong defense.

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