New Jersey man discovers DUIs are no laughing matter

| Sep 28, 2020 | DUI/DWI And Traffic Violations

Getting pulled over is rarely a pleasant experience. The situation is often unpredictable and a million thoughts may pass through your head. A stressful situation becomes even worse if you’ve been drinking.

Getting pulled over and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving can be just the beginning of the accused’s troubles. A drunk driving conviction on a person’s record often means fines, possible jail time, and other lasting effects such as license suspension.

One man’s recent plight illustrates the efforts police make to investigate and charge DUIs. The police allegedly discovered his car crashed against divider in the middle of an intersection. The driver himself was apparently sitting stoically alongside the road.

The police issued a field sobriety test after noticing the driver was slurring his speech. The test allegedly indicated he was intoxicated, so the police proceeded to arrest him and took to man back to the police station. While there, police say they found marijuana and Zanax back at the crash site.

Of course, in this case charges may go beyond the alleged drunk driving. However, even DUI charges themselves have the potential to upend a person’s life.

A vigorous defense needed against DUI charges

However, it is possible to contest traffic violations and DUIs. If the arresting officer doesn’t exercise due diligence, failed to perform a sobriety test correctly, or violates constitutional rights, evidence used in a case may be inadmissible. Further, it may be possible to challenge certain elements of the case to get charges reduced or even dropped.

With the help of an experienced traffic lawyer it is possible to fight DUI charges and traffic violations, helping to clear one’s name and avoid unwanted ramifications.

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