Get ready for winter weather driving

| Nov 11, 2020 | Workers' Compensation

In only a matter of weeks, families throughout New Jersey will be celebrating Thanksgiving and the start of the winter holiday season. Though this year will look different for many, some may still choose to travel to visit their families and friends. However, even those whose personal plans may keep them local should be ready to face winter driving weather, especially if their work requires them to be on the roads.

This post introduces some important winter weather driving tips that individuals can employ to stay safe on wet, snowy, and icy winter roads. Individuals who drive for their jobs can assess whether these and other winter driving protocols are met by their employers and what risks they may have for injury from weather-related accidents. Those who do suffer harm in roadway accidents may have options to seek relief through workers’ compensation.

Safe driving practices on winter roads

Even after snow plows, sanders, and salt trucks pass through, New Jersey roads can still be slick. To avoid crashes, drivers can employ these safe driving tips:

  • Make sure vehicles are in proper working order and that maintenance is complete to avoid breakdowns on the roads.
  • Drive with caution and leave plenty of space between one’s vehicle and those of others.
  • Lower driving speeds and reduce distractions to ensure one’s focus is on the road.
  • Prepare for emergencies by keeping supplies and water in one’s car in case of stranding or accidents.

As drivers may know, though, even the safest motorist can be harmed in a collision when others fail to abide by these and other safe driving practices.

Vehicle accidents while on the job

When a worker suffers harm in a motor vehicle accident while performing the duties of their job, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation. It is important that they report their accident and injuries to their employer and that they document the details of their incident. To pursue workers’ compensation, it can benefit some injury victims to work with attorneys to represent individuals harmed in the course of performing their work duties. Workers’ compensation lawyers can help those who are in need of financial help while they recover from their harm.


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