Warehouse workers are susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries

| Jun 3, 2021 | Blog, Workers Compensation

Warehouse workers in New Jersey are highly susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries. At Amazon alone, 40% of work-related injuries are identified as musculoskeletal disorders. The rate of musculoskeletal injuries warrants a consideration of safety strategies for warehouse workers.

Eliminate work tasks performed in awkward positions

In considering safety tips for warehouse workers, an important step that can be taken is to eliminate or reduce tasks that are performed by employees in awkward positions. Tasks performed in awkward positions historically have been among the most commonplace causes of musculoskeletal injuries. The reality is that workplace alterations coupled with procedural modifications can prove to be reasonable and effective.

Reduce rate of repetitive movements

Eliminating repetitive movements in a warehouse setting generally is not possible. What can be done is adjusting the rate of repetitive movements and providing workers with gear and equipment designed to lessen the impact of these types of actions.

Implement rotational schedules

On a related note, rotational schedules can be implemented in a warehouse setting. By way of this strategy, workers are scheduled to rotate among different tasks or jobs on a consistent basis. This type of scheduling permits a reduction in similar repetitive movements that can be at the heart of musculoskeletal injuries.

Incorporate automation with direct worker tasks

Automation in the workplace is a sticky and even controversial subject. The fact is that much automated equipment can supplement but not replace the efforts of workers. Taking advantage of automation to assist a warehouse worker is another viable tactic to reduce the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries.

A comprehensive approach to warehouse worker safety is advisable. Implementing multiple strategies can help protect worker safety and health, but accidents still do occur. Those who have been injured may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

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