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Officials open Bayonne Bridge after worker suffers injury

A construction worker was injured on the Bayonne Bridge prompting the swift closure of the bridge operations while investigators tried to determine what happened. The incident happened on a recent Tuesday afternoon, and although the bridge closure backed up traffic in both directions for some time, it was soon re-opened.

Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act

The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation ACT (EEOICPA) has been in effect since October 2000. Part B of this act went into effect in August 2001. Part B's mission has been to offer workers' compensation to Department of Energy (DOE) employees. Current and former employees of the DOE, its predecessors and some of the DOE's contractors, subcontractors and vendors are covered by this plan if they contract work-related illnesses.

This miraculous table saw technology will save your fingers

No matter how safe and attentive you try to be, a serious table saw accident could happen to you at any time if you regularly use a saw on the job. However, a miraculous new saw technology could save you from losing fingers in the event of a slip-up. "SawStop" is a special technology that will instantly stop the blade of a saw as soon as the device forms an electrical contact with your finger.

How can I stay safe while using a table saw?

Table saws are dangerous and they account for numerous worker injuries in New Jersey. One false move and you can lose a finger, a hand or even an arm while using a table saw to cut items for your job. However, if you follow the safety tips in this article, there's a good chance that you can stay safe and avoid many types of serious table saw injuries.

What kind of scaffold caused your construction injury?

If you've been in the construction business for a while, you've probably seen, erected and used a lot of different kinds of scaffolds. When it comes to scaffold related injuries, and pursuing compensation for those injuries, the type of scaffold that hurt you matters. Also, the stage of scaffold use at the time of the injury matters.

File a workers' compensation claim for carpal tunnel syndromee

You might think that a typical office job is virtually free of dangers, but you can get seriously hurt while sitting at a desk typing all day. The injuries don't relate to accidents when you're sitting at a desk, they relate to lack movement and repetitive use. Carpal tunnel syndromee, for example, is a condition that could render you completely incapable of using a mouse and keyboard -- possibly preventing you from being able to perform your job duties.

Recovering from construction injuries with legal assistance

With a wide variety of construction projects, New Jersey is home to several instances and types of work site injuries. Slips and falls on scaffolds and roofs can lead to catastrophic back, neck and limb injuries. Construction equipment such as cranes, cement mixers and haul trucks hold dangers made worse by untrained or inattentive operators.

Common medical problems suffered by construction workers

The average New Jersey construction site is fraught with potentially fatal dangers. For example, if you're not paying close enough attention, you could fall off a high-story construction project and suffer life-threatening or debilitating injuries. Alternatively, you might make a mistake while using a massive piece of machinery.

What do OSHA regulations say about scaffolds?

If you've been working on a scaffold that's in need of repair, your employer could be in violation of Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety regulations. OSHA has designated specific rules that apply to scaffolds at New Jersey construction sites. Failure to adhere to those rules could result in fines and liability concerns for a construction company.

Prevent carpal tunnel syndrome before it's too late

If you're like most office workers, you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk in front of a computer, and you do a lot of typing. Some people are susceptible to getting carpal tunnel syndromee from typing a lot, and some people aren't. In fact, it's difficult to predict who might get this debilitating condition, but if you type a lot, then you're at risk.

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