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The 2 kinds of lost wages benefits

Most New Jersey workers -- especially New Jersey hardhats -- know that they can apply for lost wages benefits in the event that they suffer an employment-related injury that renders them unable to work or hold down a job. Beyond this information, however, workers are generally clueless about how much money they can receive, how long they can receive it and what kind of wage replacement options exist for different circumstances.

Examples of 3 common workers' compensation cases

Any New Jersey worker can suffer an on-the-job injury. In most of these cases, when the injuries are serious enough to require medical care, the worker can get workers' compensation benefits to cover the costs associated with that care. In some cases, a workers' compensation lawyer is necessary to help injured employees seek the benefits they deserve.

What are the major causes of crane accidents?

When you look at a crane being used at any New Jersey construction site, it's immediately clear how dangerous these giant pieces of machinery are. One false move, and a crane could fall off balance and come crashing down. Alternatively, a crane might drop a piece of debris to the ground or strike someone with its boom.

Prevent electrocution risks on the job

If you work with electricity, you're bound to get shocked sooner or later. It's just the nature of the business. Maybe you are connecting two wires and you forgot to switch off the breaker, and you soon find out the error of your ways.

Can I qualify for wage replacement benefits?

When you get hurt on the job, you might need to take some time off work to get medical care and fully recover from your injuries. In most cases, New Jersey workers can file workers' compensation claim to get financial assistance to pay for their medical care. Did you know -- if you need to spend an extended time away from work recovering from injuries -- that you can pursue wage replacement benefits too?

Should I use an exercise ball instead of an office chair?

Replacing your boring and normal office chair with a big, round, colorful exercise ball is definitely tempting. Some might even tell you it's more comfortable and better for your health to bounce up and down on an exercise ball. However, what does the scientific evidence say?

Chris Christie vetoes bill to protect injured prison guards

Last Monday, Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a measure that would have protected the workers' compensation rights of prison guards hurt on the job. The bill would have reversed "fiscal responsibility" measures enacted by Christie during his first term -- measures that stripped many injured public workers of their benefits rights.

How do insurance companies try to block injured worker claims?

You might have been involved in an accident on the job, and you might have gotten injured, but that doesn't mean that the workers' compensation insurance company will agree to pay you for your injuries. In fact, the insurance company might try to fight your claim for the compensation you have a legal right to receive.

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