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Tricks to prevent injuries caused by slippery ice

The wind is blowing, it's cold and it's snowing. This means that ice dangers will be present in New Jersey parking lots and sidewalks. Ice causes numerous injuries every year when New Jersey residents fall on slippery patches found throughout the state. As such, you and your family need to be careful in order to prevent a slip-and-fall injury. Here are a few tips for preventing the catastrophic injuries that can result from such accidents:

Statistics you should know about slip-and-fall deaths at work

You might think it'll never happen to you. You might think you're healthy enough to prevent an injury if you slip and fall. However, numerous workers and property visitors -- whether they're young, old, healthy or out of shape -- die in slip-and-fall accidents every year.

Preventing slip and fall risks at businesses

Every New Jersey business has a duty to prevent slips, trips and falls on its property. Potentially liable parties following such an accident at a business could include the business owners, property owners and property managers of the premises. Fortunately, there are certain things that these parties can do to prevent injurious accidents.

4 categories of victims in premises liability cases

In premises liability law -- when it comes to a slip-and-fall accident -- there are four categories of accident victims. Accident victims may be categorized as invitees, social guests, licensees or trespassers. Here's what these terms mean:

How to strengthen your dog bite lawsuit

New Jersey is a "strict liability" state when it comes to dog bites. In other words, if someone's dog bites you, he or she is financially liable for the injuries that result. It doesn't matter if the dog owner knew or didn't know the animal was likely to bite you.

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