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Can I File Workers’ Compensation For Stress?

We all have job-related stress, leading to worry and anxiety, but what if that stress caused a medical issue? Can an individual seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills and other losses?

Workers’ compensation law in New Jersey looks to separate the stress that was caused by the job and any stress an individual may have outside of his or her work environment. Among the legal questions:

  • Was the stress at work abnormal to that position? Whether the stress causes anxiety, a nervous breakdown or a heart attack, the court will look to see if the stress at work is unique to the job.
  • Can expert testimony help separate those issues for the court and demonstrate how the medical problem did not allow a person to work?
  • What kind of losses did the individual experience because of the medical issue?

Workers’ compensation laws are meant to protect employees on the job. Stress-related conditions can be more difficult to prove than an injury such as a broken bone. If you want a highly experienced attorney’s opinion, contact the Law Office of Jack L. Stillman. Our goal is to help you seek the compensation you may be owed under New Jersey workers’ compensation laws.

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