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Total Disability Cases And Social Security Benefits

When a worker becomes totally disabled, there are many questions that arise regarding how he or she will be able to afford to live without working. Workers’ compensation benefits provide some support, as well as Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. However, there may be an effect on your ability to receive SSD benefits if you are receiving or have received workers’ compensation.

To ensure your rights are protected after a total disability, turn to the Law Office of Jack L. Stillman, P.A. At our Manalapan, New Jersey, firm, we are dedicated to helping workers understand how to move forward with their lives after a workplace accident. Using our vast experience, we are able to assess your situation and explain the workers’ compensation, SSD benefits or other benefits to which you are entitled.

What Constitutes A Total Disability?

A total disability can be either temporary or permanent. In general, a person is considered to be totally disabled if he or she is unable to work due to an illness or injury. There is a great deal of medical documentation that is required to support the finding of a person being totally disabled.

How Much Is Paid By SSD Monthly?

In general, the monthly payment from any SSD benefits is added together with other payments, including workers’ compensation. If the amount of the benefits is more than 80 percent of the average monthly wages you were earning before you became disabled, the overage is taken from your SSD benefits.

What Else May Affect SSD?

  • If you receive a lump sum payment from workers’ compensation for your disability, your SSD benefits may be affected.
  • Any changes in your disability status may affect benefits.
  • If you obtain any other public or private benefits, your SSD benefits may or may not be affected.

As with most legal matters, it is best to talk through all aspects of the case and any changes with your attorney to ensure you are protected.

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