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As A Union Worker, You Have Rights

While any industry can face an accident, union workers often have it particularly rough. Due to the nature of your job, injuries happen quite often. Law Office of Jack L. Stillman, P.A., has helped clients throughout New Jersey understand and fight for their rights. We can explain the choices you are facing and work toward the best possible solution.

Understanding Your Options, Regardless Of Your Job Title

Most of these jobs are physical, which can result in temporary and lifelong disabilities. This can include anything from getting electrocuted to falling off a scaffold. When you are surrounded by such heavy objects on a daily basis, you can be put in a dangerous position. Even for those working in more ideal conditions, your life can change in a mere second. We have helped workers in a variety of industries, including:

  • Bricklayers
  • Craftsmen
  • Government employees
  • Postal workers
  • Train workers

Unions workers face unique advantages and disadvantages when handling these cases. However, the whole point of a union is to help those whom they employ. Some clients have what is called a “collective bargaining agreement.” This is a document that states what benefits a worker will receive should they become injured. Other unions have a reserve of additional funds that are meant to provide support for those who need it. We can examine your case and determine how to best move forward.

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